Digital Sales Report Message Suite: Part 2 - Allowed Value Sets

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This version of the allowed values sets supports all the following Parts of the flat-file variant of the Digital Sales Reporting Message Suite Standard.
  • Part 3 – all versions

  • Part 4 – all versions

  • Part 5 – all versions

  • Part 6 – all versions

  • Part 7 – all versions

  • Part 9 – all versions

  • Part 10 – all versions

  • Part 11 – all versions

Version 1.1 adds a VideoType.

Version 1.2 adds further values.

Version 1.3 adds support for the Claim Detail Message Suite Standard by adding ClaimBasis and DiscrepancyType allowed value sets.

Version 1.4 adds a WorkType AVS for AS03 with two allowed values LiteraryWork and ContainedWork, as well as ProgrammedContentStream into UseType.

Version 1.4.1 removes a few allowed values that were erroneously included in the RoleCode AVS.

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